DIY: Pride Paper Wreath

Celebrate Pride Month with this beautiful DIY paper wreath. We’re sharing a step-by-step tutorial on how to create this masterpiece using Paper Source decorative papers!


Here are the supplies you’ll need to create this wreath:

  • paper cutter (preferably a slide cutter or guillotine cutter)
  • double-sided tape
  • scissors
  • foam wreath (1.4″ x 9.8″)
  • decorative paper in a variety of colors (7 colors in total)
  • 14 x ball head straight pins



  • Begin by cutting down your strips of paper. Each strip should be 1″ wide x approximately 12″ long. You will need anywhere between 20-30 strips of each color, depending on the size of your wreath form.
  • Working with one color at a time, you will begin creating the accordion folded “snakes”.

Accordion fold how-to:

  • Start with 2 strips of the same color

  • Place strip 1 down on the surface, vertically
  • Place strip 2 on top of strip 1, horizontally and affix with double-sided tape

Begin folding the strips back and forth over each other in the following order:

Step 1: Fold strip 1 up

Step 2: Fold strip 2 to the left

Step 3: Fold strip one down

Step 4: Fold strip 2 to the right

  • Repeat steps 1-4 until you reach the end of your paper strips


  • With your scissors, trim away any extra paper and affix the loose flap with double-side tape

Your accordion strips should begin to look like this:


  • Continue creating these with the rest of the strips of one color and connect them to each other using double-sided tape, to create one long ‘snake’
  • Each snake should be approximately 1 yard long, when stretched out

  • Repeat the process for each additional color (i.e. orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink)
  • You should have 7 snakes in total

Once you’ve created each color snake, now its time to affix them to the foam wreath:

  • Work with one color at a time
  • Use a straight pin to attach the end of the snake to the wreath

  • Begin winding the snake around the wreath form, being sure to keep each rotation snug against the last
  • Once you get to the end of one color, use a straight pin to secure the end to the wreath

  • Repeat these steps with each color until you have wrapped all 7 snakes around the wreath form

Note: You may need to make adjustments to fit all of the paper onto the wreath – the goal is to have the accordion folds nestle into each other so that you cannot see any of the white foam.


Your final product should look a little something like this:

This wreath can be hung on your door or used as decor in your home! Try changing the colors of your paper, based on the season, or use school colors to make a graduation wreath. The possibilities are endless!

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