DIY Wedding Invitations designed by “The Midwest Husbands”

Our Paper Bar is for sparking imagination and providing a palette for you to bring your paper projects to life. We are so inspired to see what customers envision and create with it! This month we are featuring David and Edward, fondly titled, ‘The Midwest Husbands’, who wowed us with their finished project. This creative duo loves making the most out of the little moments. They shared a little bit about themselves and some insights into how they approached their wedding invitation design using the Paper Bar.   Their advice, ‘Approach the Paper Bar as a kid would approach a candy shop—get a little bit of everything and have fun!’

PS: How long have you been a Paper Source customer? What are your favorite products?

MH: We became Paper Source customers at the beginning of our relationship nearly 7 years ago when we lived in Madison, Wisconsin. When we moved near Cleveland, Ohio, 4 years ago, we became regulars at the store in Eton Collection on Chagrin Boulevard. We love the unique gift wrap, cards, and fun books found in the store.

PS: Which color best describes each of you on the Colorscope?  

MH: David is compassionate and incredibly empathetic with our friends, so Beet best describes him. Edward possesses a strong sense of self that guides his everyday life, which Spruce identifies perfectly. 

PS: What advice would you give to another couple who is using Paper Bar to make their own invitations? 

MH: Approach the Paper Bar as a kid would approach a candy shop—get a little bit of everything and have fun! Try not to rule out opportunities without going through the creative process of considering all the paper options.

  1. Think about your intent and what type of experience you want to create.
  2. Think about your material selections to understand printing limitations and possible bleed with certain press inks.
  3. Define a budget to navigate whether you will be able to pursue die cutting, silk screening, and foil stamping in your own craft or with help from a friend. But don’t worry if your budget is more limited as there are so many neutral-toned papers that will work well with sufficient contrast.
  4. The Paper Bar has a variety of options to explore. Think full picture of your wedding color palette and how your invitation stationery can become the true sneak peek of what is to come on your special day.
  5. For us, we wanted to communicate fall foliage and warm earth tones and integrate citrus as they’re symbolic of Edward’s hometown in Texas. Every detail counts as this is an opportunity to uniquely be you as a couple, becoming whole.








PS: We read that Midwest Husbands “love warm, neutrals and bold pops of color”. Tell us, how did you incorporate that into your Wedding Invitation Design?

MH: For the invitation and response card stock, we used Luxe Cream. We then paired that with a Paper Bag details card. Then we made a band with Spruce that we added gold citrus accents with our Cricut Maker. Papaya envelopes brought all the pieces together to our guests (which we’re proud to say was a first for many of them to receive that color in the mail), topped with our personalized stamp by Three Designing Women!

PS: What are your favorite ways to creatively express yourself as a couple?

MH: Bring your authentic self to everything you do in whatever capacity you are showing up for! Always remember your character and stand for what you believe is right, even when you may be wrong. It’s okay to be vulnerable and to express yourself to reignite finding motivation in what you do together. We love looking back at our journey and all the things we have pursued together, from learning how to cook together to exercising together, traveling, creating, and experiencing personal growth through each other. We can be perceived as a bit nostalgic, but that’s just us thinking of the legacy we want to leave for our loved ones through our way of writing and storytelling.

PS: What is the next big adventure in your journey together?

MH: We feel really great about where we are and are so grateful for our careers and the support we receive from family, friends, and our community. Up next for us is to continue planning for our future family. We are hopeful that we will become fathers in the next year, but we will share that we have every intention to have a fully stocked craft room to enable our kids to pursue their creativity as well. 


Wedding Photographer: @marissadecker_ ·  Ceremony/Reception Venue: @gliddenhousehotel ·  Florist: @plantscaping_blooms ·  Cake: @lunacakeshop ·  Caterer: @zackbruellevents ·  Tableware: @eventsourcerental ·  Linens: @lniquelinens ·  Suits: @indochino ·  Candles: @rootcandlebuzz