Bird’s Nest Shaped Spring Wreath

It’s supposed to be Spring here but we had a bit of a winter storm today. Nevertheless, I’ve been waking up to bird’s chirping and the sun is setting later and later. I’m excited to welcome Spring in its full glory. Hopefully soon.
To do so, I made this bird’s nest shaped Spring wreath the other day and I wanted to share it with you.

The key to this wreath is stacking two different size wreaths on top of each other. One is 18″ and the other one is 16″.

I then attached them to each other using wire. This photo shows the shape a little better. 

I then added some faux pussy willow branches I found at the Dollar store. I weaved them all around the wreath. 

I also placed some reindeer  moss from Michaels 

I then glued some plastic eggs I painted and splattered some brown and black paint to speckle them.

You can also purchase real quail eggs, blow them out and glue those onto the wreath. Lastly, I glued a couple of feathers here and there and there you have


You can see a little REEL of the process HERE. 

Thanks again so much for stopping by. Sending you love,