Blue Hyacinth Spring Flower Arrangement in a Blue Bowl

Hi friends. Happy St.Patty’s Day. Though I’ve never understood the fascination with St Patrick’s day, I do enjoy seeing people dress in green and
go out to ‘celebrate’.

Speaking of St.Patrick’s Day, a few years ago, my sister did a DNA test and it turns out we’re about 14% Irish. I found it so interesting.
But I digress, today I want to share with you this pretty Blue Hyacinth Spring Flower Arrangement in a Blue Bowl. 

I love putting together these ‘live’ arrangements. They’re so easy and you can use any vessel. You just have to use some sort of liner so it doesn’t
get damaged. 

You can watch a video of me putting it together HERE.

I basically just use a plastic bag to line the bowl. Depending on the type of plant, you can place some rocks at the bottom to help with the
drainage. But for these bulbs. I just used dirt and covered it with moss.

Here it is two days later. The Hycinths opened up so pretty and I placed some baby’s breath in there for a little more texture. 

I think it looks so pretty and the blue bowl looks great with the purple of the flowers don’t you think? 

Just a quick idea to get you in the Spring spirit. I hope you enjoy it.
Thank you so much for stopping by today.
Sending you so much love,