How to Make a Dried Flower Spring Candle

Hello everyone. Happy Thursday. We’re back again with some pretty Spring crafts which will hopefully inspire you. 
Today I’m going to share how to make this dried flower spring candle.  I’ve seen these at local small shops and they look so pretty so I thought I’d give it a go. 

It was much easier than I expected and I love how it turned out. Before anything else, I want to mention that you should never leave a candle unattended. 

You will need:

A clear jar
Glue or Modpodge 
Dried Flowers
Spray Adhesive 
Soy or Bee’s Wax
Cotton Wicks 

Take a clear jar and clean thoroughly. Using glue or Modpodge, glue flowers along the side of the jar. 

Continue gluing flowers as you wish. 

Don’t worry about the glue, it will dry clear. 

Once you’ve placed the flowers, give the jar a light spray of adhesive and allow to dry for several hours. I let mine dry overnight. 

Use your wicks and attach to the bottom of the jar. You want to make sure that they are centered and away from the edges of the jar. 

Melt your wax (you can add any oil scent desired) and allow to cool down a little bit. Then slowly pour into jar. 

Use your wick holders or wooden skewers to hold wicks in place while wax dries. 

Once dry, light it up and enjoy. I love how this one turned out. I think it looks so pretty and perfect to welcome spring. 
What do you think? 



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